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Daily News[10.13.10] Invincible Youth 'Sunny Sunny Sunny, I love you ~ I need you~~'

Wednesday, October 13, 2010fanstaengoo

 SNSD's Sunny, 4minute's Hyuna and Kim Tae Woo, all these "Invincible Youth" first batch members will appear once again on the show anniversary.
They had participated the recording of "Invincible Youth" on the 13th Oct.And this day is actually "Invincible Youth" 1 year anniversary.
A related staff said: Sunny,Hyuna and Taewoo were all very happy when they reunited with the other members.
As for Yuri due to she had other schedules on that day so it is a pity that she can't participate for the recording."Invincible Youth" had already been broadcast for a year.To gather all these hero & heroine back together is very meaningful.
SNSD's Yuri and Sunny,4minute Hyuna had left during June due to their debut in Japan while Kim Tae Woo had left on August due to he need to preparing for his new album.

Source: newsen
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