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Daily News [20.10.10] SNSD 'Hoot' comeback stage on 29th Oct

Wednesday, October 20, 2010fanstaengoo

SNSD will be having their comeback stage on 29th Oct at Music Bank!
SNSD going to release their 3rd mini album "Hoot" on 27th Oct, and they will be having their comeback in Korea on 29th Oct. Previously,SM Entertainment had released Tiffany,Jessica and Seohyun teaser photos, followed by Sunny,Taeyeon and Hyoyeon on the 20th Oct, and today,Yoona,Yuri and Sooyoung photos has released. This time, their concept is cute spygirl.
The first  teaser was released on the 19th Oct and revealing SNSD comeback, these news immediately top various search engines,received great response from netizens.
During the start of the year,with "Oh!" and "Run Devil Run", sweeping across the whole music industry,broadcast channels and advertisement session, it's worth to mention that SNSD's charm also penetrated all over Japan and Asia.This time,not only they will carry out local activities,it seems like they are planning to give the world a visual banquet.

ps: SONES~ SNSD are really working hard for their activities nowadays. With just releasing 2 digital singles "Genie" and "Gee" in Japan, now they are going to release their 3rd mini album "Hoot"~ They are going to release their album on 27th Oct,so SONES, please support them by buying their albums! The girls are ready to shoot all the fans down! "HOOT"~"SHOOT"!

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