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Daily News [10.25.10] Girls' Generation 'Hoot' comeback~~~

Monday, October 25, 2010snsdlife

Girls' Generation new mini album 'Hoot' will release on coming 27th Oct, especially SNSD 'Yuri' first attempt on writing a song lyrics  has garnered much attention from the fans.
This mini album has included 'Hoot' song  as main title and other four songs which able to show SNSD maturer vocal and feeling expression capability.
On 25th Oct, the song 'Hoot' has been released through various music portal sites, this song consist of various characteristic like groovy rhythm, retro style, and guitar harmonizing pop dance song. The song lyrics want to conveys the message of a girl who want to shoot a 'Love's Arrow' to her boyfriend who always made her sad, and also as a means to send 'Love message' to their boyfriend.
Furthermore, after the song 'Hoot' was released through various online portal site like Youtube, it had been received explosive response from the fans and seem like another wave 'SNSD craze' is coming soon.    
Besides, it was also SNSD member 'Yuri' first attempt to try on lyrics writing of a song called 'mistake', this is a song want to express the deep feeling of a girl, the elegant & beautiful song lyric had left deep impression to  other, it was also SNSD first time to try on a R&B sentimental type song.
Another song called "첫눈에/Snowy wish' , this is a love song which SNSD want sing for all new couple who first time to spend time together in winter.
In the mean time, SNSD will be making a comeback stage on 'Music Bank' on this coming Friday, 29th Oct.


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