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Daily interest [10.27.10] SNSD "HOOT" album released!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010fanstaengoo

Yes! Long waiting day finally arrived~27th Oct!
Today,SNSD 3rd mini album "HOOT" was finally released! I'm sure  the S♡NE in Korea who bought their this albums had already got it!
It's an album book, just like Oh!,and inside there's a random card and a mini poster (is like the one that is in 'Run Devil Run' repackaged album, the one that have random pictures in the front and all 9 signatures at the back) .
Here are SNSD 3rd mini album songs:

-Mistake : SNSD 'Yuri'  wrote the lyrics by herself. 1st R&B ballad from SNSD.
-Snowy Wish: Love song for couples to spend their 1st winter together. Feel of snowing and pretty melodies
-My Best Friend: Upbeat melodies, Love and friendship of SNSD.
-Wake up: Sad message for a lover

If you haven't got your album and wanted to listen to the songs first, we hereby put up the songs for you guys!
For those who got your album,how was it?! Jjang isn't it?!!!
Please remember to support the girls by buying their albums~~~^^
Here is the Link ~~~~~~ SNSD ' Hoot..hoot..hoot~~~~~~~' ^______^


Mistake~~~ Lyric written by Yuri ^^ really love every bits of this song. The melody and lyric are so beautiful~~~~ ^^

My Best friend~~~

Wake up~~~

Snowy Wish~~~

Here are snapshots of 'Hoot' album~~~~~ 
(Click to view larger image)

Video credit to withsosizsosi9,HDigitaI,hangthienbao2 @yotube
Fanstaengoo & snsdlife@snsd-life.blogspot.com

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