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Daily Interest [09.20.10] The best male version of SNSD, who is it?

Monday, September 20, 2010fanstaengoo

A lot of male idols have been dancing and doing parody to some of the girls group songs.
Amongst of them, JoKwon who known as the kkap king, never fails to make the audience amused and broke out into laughter with his dance. He always able to surprise us and we never know what his next move will be that makes Jokwon such a unique guy ^^.
Besides Jokwon, another person  
come across my mind that  able to match up with Jokwon  would be Super Junior 'HeeChul', who really close to our love 9Angels, also known as Heesica ^^ (the male version of SNSD Jessica), HeeChul really showed what he had and always bring laughter to the audience and fans.
Lastly, Known as the diva of dancing to girls group songs, Key showed off his sexiness he had and perfectly performed it well.
So hereby,we have a competition amongst 2AM JoKwon, SHINee Key and Super Junior HeeChul,dancing to SNSD "GEE" and "Genie". Let watch these now~~~~



video credit: starpop89


video credit: WRShining


video credit: aikamechi



video credit: cutieandy


video credit: asmahanis


video credit: SuJuTV3

After watching the awesome performances by JoKwon, Key and HeeChul, how was it?
So who is the best male version of SNSD? ^___^

Post by Fanstaengoo & snsdlife@snsd-life.blogspot.com

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