Daily interest [25.10.10] SNSD "HOOT" audio version released!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010fanstaengoo

Today, SNSD "HOOT" audio was revealed!!!
Catchy! Addictive! Awesome!
After releasing a teaser video on 24thOct, the next day, the audio of "HOOT" was released!
The album will be release on 27thOct,and maybe the MV of "HOOT" will also be release on the same day.Followed by their first comeback with "HOOT" on 29thOct Music Bank!
I will not say much,and let the music light up your day!
Here's the audio of "HOOT"! It's in LowQuality though, but it still doesnt spoilt the 9 cowgirls' voices ^^

video credit to:udaman0916

So after listening to it,how was it?? Is just like what I had described with 3 words??
Are all of you being shoot down by the girls??!! ^^
SONES, please give your support to the girls by buying their 3rd mini album,"HOOT"!

Fanstaengoo & snsdlife@snsd-life.blogspot.com

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