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Daily Interest [07.14.10] Seohyun " the No.1 singer who most suitable to become lawyer "

Wednesday, July 14, 2010fanstaengoo

Popular Girls Group SNSD Seohyun crowned No.1 in a survey about "The  singer who most suitable to become a lawyer".
During the survey on the 6th to 12th July which held by Box music, Seohyun managed to stand out.
Narsha (BEG),Son Dam Bi,Top(BigBang),Choi Siwon (Super Junior) and various artists. Seohyun who received 1007 votes(61%) out of 1652votes,  and crowned the 1st place.Followed by Seohyun is Choi Siwon who received 336 votes(21%), showed a considerable gap between No.1 Seohyun.
Most netizens commented :"Through broadcasts, Seohyun seems to be the one whomost suitable to become a lawyer" "She totally respect the spirit of the law and usually read a lot of books" and various comments and reasons for choosing Seohyun as the one.

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