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Daily Video [07.05.10] YoonA:" I rarely has a chance to ride train since debut"

Monday, July 05, 2010Nicholas

Yoona first time having a rides on  railway train since debut.
On 4th July broadcast of "family outing 2", each member have to finds a partner out of 9 "FO2" member for a mission  and the last person who fails to do so will get punishment eventually. Hence, the members were in total chaos condition while looking for a partner in order to form a team.
Although YoonA has received an invitation from Taecyeon but she rejected it instead she's giving a call to Gag man 'Jang Dong-min'. Jang Dong-min oppa answered the call and promised to YoonA's invitation immediately, but Taecyeon has pulling some tricks on Jang Dong-min by saying:" YoonA already promised to go together with me ", then he continued to trick YoonA saying that:" Jong Dong min already go together with Shin Bong Sun unnie". Taecyeon has managed to trick both of them successfully.
Then YoonA went to buy a ticket but she has forgot how to operate the machine, luckily Yoona has managed bought a ticket with the help of a great lady. Yoona revealed that:" when I'm still a trainee i used to rides the train everyday but after debut I rarely has a chance ride it again".
OK~~ let watch this exciting episode ~~~

videos credit to diodanooo

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