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Daily NEWS [06.30.10] Invincible Youth staff confirmed ' Sunny participation of 'IY' special episode filimg in Japan '

Wednesday, June 30, 2010Nicholas

Yesterday,the post mentioned about Sunny was absent from stage and the rumor said it was due to her secret trip to Japan for 'Invincible Youth' special episode filming was further verified and confirmed  by 'IY' staff'.
Today, the 'IY' staff member confirmed:"  Sunny was heading to Japan together with other 'IY' members  for 'IY' special episode filming. Also Sunny will be making appearance on the latest 'IY' episode together with new G7 . In the other hand, Yuri cannot make it due to her schedule problem.
Hyomin said she was really happy that getting to know about Sunny will be making appearance on latest episode of 'IY' and able to meet her lovely Sunny again soon.
I'm really looking forward to see  Sunny and her lovely fold-screen (Hyomin) showing their gag again in the show. 

(Added photo showing our love Sunny with Hyomin on the way to Hokkaido Japan^^)
Photo credit to bestiz

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