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Daily NEWS [06.26.10]Nickhun:" I'm must say sorry to Taecyeon hyung but still i have to say Yoona is my ideal type" ^^

Saturday, June 26, 2010fanstaengoo

2PM Nickhun revealed her ideal type before meeting his "wife" on 'We Got Married'.
Nickhun who is born in Thailand,during the broadcast of 'We Got Married' on 26th June,he boarded a bus in order to meet his "wife".
Nickhun at first was shocked as he thought that his "wife" is Kim Na Young,Nickhun  disappointed at first the he asked Kim Na Young: "Noona,didnt you already married once?".After that,Nickhun immediately knew and felt relieved that Kim Na Young wasn't his "wife".Kim Na Young asked Nickhun whether he had any ideal wife among SNSD members?Nickhun honestly said "Although I felt sorry to Taecyeon Hyung,but I have to say Yoona is my ideal type".Nickhun then expressed "If is T-ara,I hope is Eun Jung, if is f(x), I hope is Victoria".
Kim Na Young then told Nickhun:" Actually the 'wife' was already chosen",Nickhun then said actually he had surfed through the net,and knew his 'wife' is none other than f(x) Victoria.The impression of Victoria to Nickhun is: " Every member of f(x) will greet us whenever they saw us,and Victoria because of her flexible body so whenever she bow and greet is always more than 90degree" and also expressed that he had good impression about her.
On the other hand,Victoria and Nickhun couple is the first foreign couple that 'We Got Married' had,so it eventually attracted a lot of attention from viewers and netizens.

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