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Daily Video [05.01.10] SNSD Yuri & T-ara Eunjung fight for bear Taewoo ^^

Saturday, May 01, 2010fanstaengoo

SNSD Yuri and T-ara EunJung fight with each other for Kim Tae Woo?

During the broadcast of "Invincible Youth" on  30th April,T-ara 'EunJung' who replaced Kara 'Hara' for a day said:"I'm here to rescue Hyomin",showing her great sense of variety show.

EunJung saw that there's love atmosphere between Yuri and Kim Tae Woo who was riding together on the tractor in "Invincible Youth",said "I also want to ride the tractor with Tae Woo oppa".Upon listening to what EunJung wish,Sunny taught her and said "you get off".EunJung heard what Sunny words ,so she brace up and tell Kim Tae Woo,"Oppa,I also want to ride the tractor;Yuri,you get off".

Yuri saw Tae Woo being move by EunJung's words,she angry and said "Are you challenging me?", and Kim Tae Woo felt so happy being surrounded this love rivalry between both of them.

In the end,Yuri sadly get off from the tractor,but EunJung tripped and fell when walking over to the tractor,which made the audiences and crowds burst out laughing.


 video credit to yurimyangel

Yuri and Sunny just too adorable~~~~~~~~ ^^

 video credit to MrLovelytaeyeon

  video credit to MrLovelytaeyeon

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