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Daily Interest [05.30.10]Taecyeon confess want to get closer with YoonA!! ^^

Sunday, May 30, 2010fanstaengoo

 During the broadcast of FO2 on the 30th,Wondergirls are the guests for the day.

While on their way to their destination on the bus,Family members discussed about who they want to sit together and get closer with.HeelChul chose his ideal type,Wondergirls Sohee,Yoon Sang Hyun chose Yoobin. When everyone is asking Taecyeon chose who to get closer with between Wondergirls and SNSD, initially he said:"
I liked Yuri first," then Sunye revealed that, "That's not true. He liked Yoona from the very beginning." After that Taecyeon confess :"I want to get closer with Yoona",which created an uproar among Wondergirls members.

Besides, also when Yoona said she wanted to get closer with Taecyeon too,Taecyeon got excited and immediately kneeled infront of her.

On the next episode,both Yoona and Sunye chose Taecyeon,but who Taecyeon will choose?

Well,let's look forward to the coming episode ^^

 YoonA  reaction after eating the chicken leg


You heard the girls speak Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese and now YoonA going to add another one which is Cantonese. YoonA really cute when she speak: "我地一齊食 (means let eat together in Cantonese)". Love it ~~~~ Hwahahahahaha ^^  

 YoonTaec versus Heechul/Sohee water fight ^^ Who will you bet on it to win ^^.

Taecyeon naughty boy ^^

Next week preview ~~~ it getting exciting , can't wait to watch it...hohohohoh ^^

videos credit to 0421tx, keoconvoi999

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