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Daily Interest [05.27.10] Yuri & Sunny "Eating watermelon" match on IY ^^

Thursday, May 27, 2010snsdlife

On latest "Invincible Youth" recording,  the G7 members start " Eating watermelon" storm match.

That day, G7 members came to a fruit farm, and they separated to two group to start "Eating watermelon" match. Yuri & Sunny are the type who usually doesn't eat  much on their daily meal but at that day they have insist on finished eating the watermelon till peels left. Both of them faces were stained with watermelon seed and made everyone burst into laughter after seeing it.

Besides, that day G7 members were directed to a mountain area to collect some Korean herb and 2 person per pair. At this moment, 'Taewoo' oppa volunteer himself to go with Yuri as pair. Since it's been a while Taewoo oppa to have a  walk with Yuri so he's a bit excited^^, then he asked Yuri:" Do you believe oppa (Taewoo)?" , Yuri replied:" mom said it's better not to trust you" and brought much laughter after hearing Yuri witty answer. However, Taewoo seem like do not giving up easily and he left a video message to Yuri mom on the spot and showed her sweet side. 

This going to be last "Invincible Youth" recording for Yuri & Sunny so remember to catch this precious episode which will be aired on coming 28th May. 

NOW IT'S  INVINCIBLE YOUTH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^__________^


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