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Daily Interest [05.23.10] SNSD cheer for army oppa ^^

Sunday, May 23, 2010fanstaengoo

SBS Family Outing 2 came to a military training field, whereby they only have their entertainment show open once since 60 years ago.

When Yoona made mistake on the stage, the 1500 armies who stand in front of the stage shouted Yoona's name and encouraged her,praising her well done,giving her their full support.
After the personal talents performance of each FO2 members, the it's the time where the FO2 members interact with the armies and also their kin families who visited them.

Followed by that,8 members of SNSD performed "Show~Show~Show~",which attracted loud cheers from the armies off staged.When they performed "Oh!",the army oppa followed them and sing along "oh!oh!oh!oh!oppareul saranghae",showing how they favored the girls.

Lastly,the girls performed their virus song "Gee",together with F02 members,everyone were dancing to the song,which received a lot of cheers and claps.
After the performances had ended,FO2 members overnight at the army barracks,and also prepared the breakfast for the armies.

SNSD special performance for the army oppa ^^

 YoonA dance cut


Lastly, Goddess YoonA bare face just too beautiful and it's proves again HeeChul statement ^^.

videos credit to CrazyCarrot310

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