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Daily NEWS [04.24.10]SNSD perfect body line tips~

Saturday, April 24, 2010fanstaengoo

During the broadcast of Y-Star "Now it's Girls Generation",it will reveal the shooting footage of the SNSD MV  from "Into the new world" to recent hit song "Run devil Run".

During the show,we can see the whole process of the SNSD change from refreshing young girls  to mature and attractive ladies,and recalled their past back then through these images.

SNSD will be talking more about the stories of the shooting scene of the 7 MV,"Into the new world","Girls Generation","Kissing you","Gee","Genie","Oh!" and "Run Devil Run".

In addition,we will also be able to know the tips of having the perfect body line like SNSD. Sooyoung smiled brightly and said "The secret of it is riding the bicycle but where to ride bicycle,is the secret".

The show will be broadcast on 24th April,KST 3pm.

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