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Daily NEWS [04.21.10] SNSD want to become like SMAP & Shinwa idol group in future

Wednesday, April 21, 2010fanstaengoo

"To be like Shinhwa,SMAP,received lots of love from everyone,walking down the future path together".

During the broadcast of "Winwin" on the 20th,in regard to question "how long SNSD can still walk on the path" by MC Kim Seung Woo, answer given by Girls Generation has attracted a lot of attentions.

This day,MC Kim Seung Woo gave SNSD a tough question "Had SNSD reach the peak already?".

Leader Taeyeon replied: "I agreed to this.From the point of view of a third party,they might think it is.Because last year we had been awarded and crowned No.1 at various music award ceremony,and once the new song is release,it will also be the hot topic".

Kim Seung Woo then asked "how long SNSD can still walk down the path",Yoona replied with her own wish,"we would like to be the idol group like Shinhwa sunbaenim which we able to do personal activities and also sometimes  gather together to have a concert, and release album".

To this question,Sooyoung answered "In Japan,there's also a representative idol group called SMAP, although all of them are 30 years old already, but everyone still love them.For us,those who wish to marry still can proceed, even we become an ahjumma, we would also like to walk down the future path together with the name,Girls Generation".

Fanstaengoo &


That's what soshi bond is.

"To walk down the future path together with the name,Girls Generation!"

That's such a meaningful phrase.

SONE are nothing without the 9!

Let's go soshi,Let's go!

SNSD Hwaiting~!

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  1. wow how touching! ....go snsd!!!!!!!!!!!!


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