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Daily NEWS [04.13.10]SNSD Sooyoung had a crush on Bigbang Daesung?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010fanstaengoo

Sooyoung :"Bigbang Daesung is my ideal type,I indeed envy Taeyeon who had participated the recording of Family Outing 1".

Bigbang Daesung and SNSD Sooyoung staged up a relationship of "more than normal idol colleagues" subtleties.

Sooyoung recently participated the recording of "Haha Mong show" expressed that she wants to be closer to Daesung,who also participated the recording of the show on that day.

Sooyoung said "I feel that for famale idol group to choose Bigbang as the ideal type itself is a very brave thing"and to be frank "all of the SNSD members really want to get close to Daesung, when seeing Daesung and Taeyeon became friends in 'Family Outing',really envy about them",and started to heat up the atmosphere of the studio.

Regarding to this,Daesung also didn't conceal his smile and said " I felt good in the standby studio",which staged a wonderful atmosphere in the studio.The show will be broadcast on 17th April ,KST 5.05pm.

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