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Daily NEWS [04.12.10] Showdown between the idols? Jo Kwon to YoonA, “Don’t try to act honest”

Monday, April 12, 2010Nicholas

Jo Kwon does not hold back anything when it comes to So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA.

On SBS Family Outing aired on 11th April, the family members decided to have a ‘waist line wrestling’ in the stream. And before the match, the members have to say one strength and flaw of one another.

When it came to a match between Jo Kwon and YoonA, Jo Kwon talked about YoonA’s flaw first, “You don’t try to act kind!” With that, YoonA refuted, “When did I act kind.. Totally speechless” as a joke.

Jo Kwon did not stop at it, “Ya! You don’t try to act honest.” YoonA who was a little hurt by the words said, “Oppa if you keep scolding me, stop singing So Nyeo Shi Dae’s song.”

Jo Kwon then said, “Ya! You know how much I’ve saved ‘Gee’..” which had the other members laughing.

Jo Kwon, “You please wash up like what WonHee noona said. Looking from last time, I think there is sewage coming out from your hand.” trying to make YoonA embarrassed.

S: Newsen
Translation credit to sookyeong@kbite

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  1. they were so close

    maybe they fought ?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Jo Kwon so bad.. >.<
    What he said is kind of bad..he is a guy and he is saying those kind of things to a girl..what kind of a guy is he? >:O
    Even though what he said was mainly meant as a joke, it is so not nice to say that about a girl..YoonA should say, Jo Kwon, you are a bad boy, you better run~ run~ run~ run~ run~ ^.^
    o.O ♡ Tae Yeon ♡ O.o


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