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Daily NEWS [04.11.10] the reason of Yoona tears when saw Kimura Takuya on TV~

Sunday, April 11, 2010fanstaengoo

SNSD Yoona chose Kimura Takuya as her ideal type of guy.

During the broadcast of SBS "Chocolate" on 10th April,there's a question:"If 'We Got Married' are going to film international version,who will you choose to be your partner?",and Yoona immediately chose Kimura Takuya.

Yoona said:"I'm a super fans of Kimura Takuya" and continued,"that time when I went to Japan saw his variety show and I don't know what is he talking about since I don't understand Japanese,so I pleaded Sooyoung unnie to help me translate".

Yuri said:"That day,me and Yoona shared the same room,but she's not back in the room at around 3am  morning.After that,she entered the room with crying,so I asked her what happen to you. She said,I don't understand what Kimura Takuya saying in the show.She really like Kimura Takuya very much".

Yoona added:"From that day onwards,I started to learn Japanese. If I saw any Kimura Takuya advertisement board ,I will take a photo of it. Now I can understand the feelings of those Japanese fans of Bae Yong Joon.

At the same time,Hyoyeon also chose Kimura Takuya as her ideal type of guy.Hyoyeon first revealed her ideal type,then Yoona suddenly stood up and said excitedly:"I also want to say (he is my ideal type),now there's overlapping,how?" Hyoyeon continued :"Kimura Takuya is a very cute and manly guy,and have the charisma and power to attract girls."

In addition,other members also revealed their ideal type of guys that they wanted to film "We Got Married" with.

Jessica chose "Pearl Harbour" actor Joshua Daniel Hartnett,Sooyoung chose Bradpitt,Sunny chose Takeshi Kaneshiro,Yuri chose Justin Timberlake,Seohyun chose Johnny Depp,Taeyeon chose Hugh Michael Jackman,and Tiffany chose "Gossip girls" actor Christopher Chace Crawford.

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  1. Most of them are like 20 years older xD


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