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Daily NEWS [04.09.10] Family Outing 2 going to stop broadcasting?

Friday, April 09, 2010fanstaengoo

 As far as it concerned, SBS Family Outing Season 2 is going to stop broadcasting,the production team had strong retort about it.

On the 9th April,a news reported that "Family Outing Season 2 will stop broadcasting". However,the production team of Family Outing 2 commented that this news is totally unfounded.

For this,the PD of Family Outing 2 called the news agency and retorted :"This is way over now, the show is going to broadcast for at least 6 months,and you all are reporting that the show will have early termination " and " do you know because of this news,it had hurt the feelings of our production team,can you understand their feelings now?"

The PD expressed that the early termination of broadcasting Family Outing 2 situation does not exist.

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  1. 發表,是一種抒發:好的心情可以一再的回味發酵;壞的心情就讓它留在文字裡吧!加油!........................................


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