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Daily Interest [04.23.10] Taeng DJ showing reluctance of her soon leaving with ChinChin

Friday, April 23, 2010snsdlife

 On 22th April MBC FM4U "Taeyeon ChinhanChingoo" bulletin board has posted up some photos of Taeyeon took together with 8eight, MBLAQ ' Lee Joon', 'G.O', and mir.

Taeyeon is doing a concept of showing her reluctance of soon leaving as "ChinChin" DJ . 
About Taeyeon leaving as "ChinChin" DJ, "Chinchin" audiences expressed" i have so much affection of it already, when will i able to listen to Taeyeon's voice again ah" .

Everyone, a soft reminder here that our DJ Taeng will be having her last radio show in "Chinchin" on this coming 25th April, please stay together with our DJ Taeng until the very end. Thank you, S♡NE.

 Fans gifts to Taeng DJ ^^~~~~

Here is a video made by the fans for Taeng DJ which recorded the journey of Taeyeon as Taeng DJ in two years.While watching this video really brought back a lot of memories with Taeng DJ (from Duo DJ ' Kangin with Taeyeon'   until Taeng DJ alone )...........> <  i want to dream with you forever , Taeng DJ .......

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