Daily videos[03.21.10] SNSD "Run Devil Run" in SBS Inkigayo~~

Sunday, March 21, 2010fanstaengoo

Today is the girls' 3rd performance for "Run Devil Run" since their comeback~
And today performance is in none other than SBS Inkigayo.
Today,the girls' outfit was black ~
And im sure you guys had noticed the effects made during their performance.
The whole performance was really Jjiang!!!
Now let's have a look at their performance today in SBS Inkigayo ^^

SNSD "Run Devil Run"

video credit to prot0628

Kara "Lupin"

video credit to ShidokaHD195

T-ara "I go crazy because of you"

video credit to westkikass

2am "I did wrong"

video credit to ShidokaHD195

Beast "Shock"

video credit to 100mint2

And today SBS Inkigayo winner is T-ara !!
Congrats to T-ara ^^
Let's look forward to next week Music Bank,Music Core and SBS Inkigayo ~
The girls will be in K-chart and Popular song by then ^^
SNSD Hwaiting~

Fanstaengoo @ snsd-life.blogspot

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