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Daily news[03.30.10] SNSD "RunDevilRun" story MV will reveal soon~!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010fanstaengoo

The  "black soshi",SNSD follow up song "Run devil run" story MV version will be reveal on 30th March through smart-phone application and 31st March on various music portals!
SNSD will reveal the story MVmv of "Run devil run" first for iphone user who used SNSD application.

Other than showing their skill and power dances,the MV is also actually the follow up part of "Oh!" MV whereby at the end the "black soshi" appears.

Especially the comparison and changes of the girls,from "Oh!" version of SNSD to "Run devil run" version of SNSD ,had garnered attention and received a lot of responds amongst fans and netizens.

In addition,it's expected that the story MV of "Run devil run" will be reveal on 31st March at 3pm on SNSD official website,Dosirak,Bugs,Melon and various music portal.

From this we can see that based on "Run devil run",SNSD had already swept through various music chart,and their popularity is increasing rapidly.

Besides, other than revealing the story MV of SNSD "Run devil run",it will also often update various SNSD photos and had received a lot of good response from smart-phone users.

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