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Daily NEWS [03.24.10] Girls' Generation craze in Taiwan!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010fanstaengoo

 SNSD crowned No.1 in Taiwan music chart !

Popular girls group SNSD recently had released their 2nd album "Oh!" and became top in Taiwan music chart.On 12th March, Taiwan local version album was released.

SM representative said that on 20th March, SNSD crowned No.1 in Taiwan largest music chart in foreign/oversea music category.They also obtained great results for their album sales on G-music chart. Due to their high popularity in Taiwan,on 17th April,it is scheduled that MTV to be held an event related to the girls,called "SNSD dance competition".

And during this event,it is know that they will reveal a video message that SNSD had for the Taiwan fans and various undisclosed video.

On the other hand,SNSD album posters are also up on trains in Taiwan.

It is a poster that had every members on it,and also individual posters that had their individual Chinese name on it, and with their smiling face displayed in front of the people in Taiwan.

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