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DailyNEWS [01.28.10] SNSD albums Preorder sales skyrocketing

Friday, January 29, 2010snsdlife

On 28th January SM entertainment revealed " Girls' Generation albums Pre-Order sales quantity has achieved around 150,000pcs based on various Korea music portal site digital sales 57500pcs and music store 90390pcs, in total 149890pcs.

Nowadays in Korea music industry idol groups who able to achieved 150k Pre-order  were DBSK, Big Bang, Super Junior only and Girls' Generation was the first girls group to  achieved this .

Korea Music portal site "Monkey3"  ranking charts' 1st~6th on 28th has been occupied by Girls' Generation latest songs such as "Oh" 'StarStarStar" "ShowShowShow" and etc. And "Monkey3" staff has made comment about this: " This really is a rare case"

As national girls group "Girls' Generation will be having their comeback stage on 30th at MBC "Show!" and officially to start their new albums promotion

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