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Daily NEWS [01.31.10] SNSD: " We seldom have time come together now"

Sunday, January 31, 2010snsdlife


 SNSD latest album "Oh" has occupied various music chart #1 spot though, they're in dilemma situation of getting enough time to make preparation for Music show performances. Due to each SNSD's member having tight schedule and their own activities now. They will be only have time come together to practice and attend music program during weekend.

Firstly is YoonA, she has become a regular member in "Family Outing 2" after this it would be "Invincible Youth"Yuri & Sunny" and next is Taeyeon who has confirmed to be regular host in "Win Win" talk show with 2PM 'WooYoung". Finally, Tiffany & Yuri who were the emcee for Music Core show. Due to every member filming schedule were different so everyday there will be 2 or 3 member absent.

Furthermore, Yuri has forced to quit  MBC "High Kick Family" program due to her tight schedule after SNSD "Oh" promotional activities started.

SM representative added: " they don't have time to prepare for the stage performance & singing practice even a interview would be consider difficult  for them due to 9 members tight schedule and seldom have time come together".
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