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Daily NEWS [01.30.10]During the trainee years,who is the guy that "feed" Yuri for 7years?

Saturday, January 30, 2010fanstaengoo

With "Oh" return to days of their youth and their precious fate again.

Girls' Generation (Taeyeon,Yuri,Tiffany,Jessica,Yoona,Sunny,Hyoyeon,Sooyoung,Seohyun) participated in KBS 2TV "Sweet Night" latest recording.

And through the "16 ideal type world cup" , the girls open their hidden ideals.

Prior to the "sweet karma, long time no see" session,the girls re-encounter their friends whom they never met for 10 years, the pure love during primary school days, and the teachers and past people who guide them the right path throughout their life.

Especially in this day of the show that starred about the young girls with a 7 years fate with a staff of the Chinese restaurant, viewers are curious about whether the girls are able to recognise the Chinese restaurant staff or not.

Yuri,as the representative of the girls,recognise the staff of the chinese restaurant, the one that always serve and accept orders from the customers with warm and friendly tone.

And this day,after meeting with her primary school mentor,Sooyoung shed tears because she is feeling touched.

When Sooyoung recalled back about the past, she said " Till now,I still had the scene when my teacher kneeled down and persuaded me" .

As for the teacher,when re-encounter Sooyoung again,she said "Even till now she still remember me,I'm already very grateful" .

This show "Sweet Night" scheduled to be aired on 31 January.
GO under cut for the show preview

This is the part where Yuri spotted the staff of the Chinese Restaurant.

Credit to Ahonetwoonetwo

Translated by Fanstaengoo@Now it's Girls' Generation

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