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Daily interest [01.24.10] Taeyeon as a sub MC for a new show "winwin"

Sunday, January 24, 2010snsdlife

2PM WooYoung and SNSD Taeyeon are aiding Kim Seung Woo for his new talk show

WooYoung and Taeyeon accepted the position of Sub Mc for "WinWin" which is planning its first broadcast next month

CP said that "2PM WooYoung and SNSD Taeyeon is going to be the sub MC's, and the number nor list of Sub MC has not been decided but it will soon."

Besides them, Choi Hwa Jung  and Kim  Shin Young are named for Sub MC too.

blah blah blah -lazy to translate (unnecessary anyways)

"WinWin" will be broadcasted on Feb 2, following Sang Sang + which has been broadcasted for 6yrs

Translation credit to 탱구♥

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