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ChinChin Corners [01.27.10] Wednesday Taeyeon ChinChin Updates

Wednesday, January 27, 2010snsdlife

Hi S♡NE, today was like birthday for all of you right^^.

I'm sure most of you still overwhelmed with SNSD "Oh" MV which just released today ^__^ , and  "Oh" virus has slowly got you and  one of your main topic with friend today must be the Bad girl concept at the end of the MV^^. 

Sment really good at teasing the fans with such MV arrangement concept which successfully to make all the fans looking forward to the Girls' coming Music Video.

OK~~~ today was Taeyeon ChinChin Bora again. Our dorky leader teasing the fans with Oh album magazine, as you can see Taeyeon was reading it during chinchin broadcast and she even posed with "Oh" album booklet at the ending~~~ lovely^^.

Besides, it's been a while to have chance to hear Taeyeon singing live in ChinChin and today we were lucky enough able to listen  her wonderful vocal again as today she doing a cover feat mate called "I hope" if I'm not mistaken..
I'm so love to her singing right now and let roll to hear it ~~~

One more clips to share with you~~~~ ^_________^

                  Our dorky leader so cute even when she mad~~~~~~~~hohohoho. ^_____^

snsdlife@NOW it's Girls' Generation

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