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Daily Video [12.16.09] SNSD has won again!!!!(UPDATED/Melon Music Award Live)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009Nicholas

Here is some live update of 2009 Melon Music Award.
Girls' Generation has won Top 10 award, Smart Radio award and Odyssey award until  now. Really unbelievable!!!!.
My wish for their big Daebak in 2009 Melon Music award has came true^^_^^. So happy now.
OK!! Watch below video clips for the girls great moment tonight!
(UPDATE)OMGGGG. the girls have won 4th(2009 Mobile Music), 5th(2009 Artist of the year) and No.6(2009 Song of the Year!) awards...hoho..really is big Daebak ..unbelievable...2009 is Soshi year....Jjang.

I'm really speechless right now, they've won 2 big important award (2009 artist of the year & song of the year) .The girls have just burst into tears, so many joys & hugs and they've really achieved an unbelievable feat  this year (2009). Congratulation to the girls once again.Amazing night for the girls and they totally deserved these awards.
2009 is Soshi year undoubtedly. Yeah!! The Power of 9.
9 person..9 months...9 song...~ Gee miracle!!!!
Right NOW it's Girls' Generation ^_^.

                           Taeyeon....Tears of joys.....

                     Taeyeon, you're the dorky leader  in our heart forever...
Top 10 award

Smart Radio award

Odyssey award

2009 Song of the year

SNSD Artist of the year at 2009 Melon Music award  

SNSD mobile music award and backstage interview

chocolate love performance

Gee & Genie

Girls' Generation...Yeah love it^^

Finally the exciting night has comes to an end.
Really is a night full of excitement, joys, and happiness for all S♡NE definitely. Hope the girls enjoy great celebration with their oppa and friends tonight. 
So Nyeo Sh Dae Congratulation to you all once again, and Daebak ^_^! 
Now it's Girls' Generation

nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation

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