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Daily Picture [12.07.09] GIrls' Transformation

Monday, December 07, 2009Nicholas

Every moment of our life is precious from birth to age, child till adult and it's important able to record every growing stage of our life. Our lovely angels ‘SNSD’ were no exception. Sometime I'm curious how they look like last time (passion fans' illness  ^_^), luckily  I've found a collection of pictures compiled by a Korea’s S♡NE which contains different age period of the girl. The collection of these pictures really precious, the girls are so adorable and pretty since child, and  gradually grown up to become our lovely Girls' Generation.
9 of them have developed intimate relationships which more like real siblings to each other along over years.They walked along side by side with each other ' Into the New World’, this is how the chapter begins.
Aigoooo, don't know why telling old stories again ^^ OK! Let roll to see the girls' precious transform moment!

Leader _Taeyeon...... She is adorable as always, and beautiful voice that captivates many S♡NE's heart including me ^_^ !!!

Sunny_ Our SoonKyu ^__^ she aegyo always is the best ! Sunny Jjaing ^^

Sooyoung _ Shikshin (Good of Food in korean) She is one of the best speaker and SNSD's group representative. 

Yuri _ Black Pearl - Yuri good personality always is my favorite, the best of all is whenever i watch Yuri on show she always is the one who brighten me up the most. The why she has been entitled ' nation daughter in law ' recently in 'invincible youth' show^^.

Jessica _ICE PRINCESS- Naengmyun...naengmyun..^__^ i really love this song. She is gorgeous as always, and really charming eyes.

 Hyoyeon _ Dancing Queen - Hyoyeon dances really able to make everyone attention focus on her, biggest charm without doubt. However, S♡NE who watch girls' variety show oftenly should know Hyoyeon actually quite playful sometime ^^.

Tiffany _ brighter gems - the eyes smile she has really is irresistable, i think every S♡NE should agrees about that ^__^ .

Seohyun _ maknae (youngest in Korean)  - Beautiful, good voice and smart.  She really is the model girl. Kerokerokerokero......^o^

                                                                And  lastly 

                                                        Goddess Yoona
Yoona _ Him (strong./strength in Korean ) Yoona -  Yoona has been always beautiful and no doubt a Goddess to every male S♡NE ^__^. Like her SNSD's unnie said ; " She is really like an angel from heaven, to make us believe and treasure the beautiful world we're in now". I believe it now ^o^. 

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