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Daily NEWS [12.25.09] Girls' Generation voted as #1 by netizens as the artist who have the highest chance to succeed in the States

Friday, December 25, 2009Nicholas

Girls' Generation voted as #1 among netizens as the artist who are most like to succeed in United States.

This polls is start from 14th till 21th Dec by Bugs music site, total have 6146 peoples have took part in this.
Girls' Generation has secured total 1768 out of 6146 votes of netizens, which is around 28.77% of the votes.

Some netizens have made comment like;" Seem like Girls' Generation was able to pull of any concept, they would get good achievement as long as the production were good."

Go under cut for more detail;
  1. So Nyeo Shi ae 28.77%
  2. 2PM (26.85%)
  3. Big Bang (10.54%)
  4. Rain
  5. 2NE1
original source:StarNews
nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation

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