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Daily NEWS [12.22.09] TaeYeon, “There are more than 10 male celebrities who confessed to me, and there is one that moved my heart”

Tuesday, December 22, 2009Nicholas

So Nyeo Shi Dae leader TaeYeon talks about her experiences where she has been confessed to (or as Korean says it ‘receive dash’) by entertainers.

TaeYeon was on SBS Strong Heart Christmas special where she talked about it. She said, “I have been asked by many people just how many male entertainers have confessed to me. To speak the truth, I cannot count the number with just my ten finers.”

The MCs then asked carefully “Of them all, have your heart ever wavered for anyone?”, and TaeYeon replied, “There is one person.”

She also revealed a bad experience with one male entertainer on the show. The show will air on 22nd December at 11.05pm.

credit to sookyeong@KBITES

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