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Daily NEWS [12.11.09] Sunny has captivated with young Kang DongWon

Friday, December 11, 2009Nicholas

 The young girls who has captivated Girl's Generation Sunny heart already become hot topic among netizens after she was revealed in latest SBS "Star King " show with a nickname as young Kang DongWon.
Sunny was stunned with the young Kang DongWon in front of her, yet she's beautiful face is hard to be recognized as male; while  slow pitch voice she has also hard to be called as female.

The young Kang DongWon was appeared on ”Star King" winter special theme "find the real beauty"  with the cute Sailormoon costume,  the face she has which smaller than Girls' Generation and also has performed a scene of Kang DongWon holding a umbrella in "temptation of the Wolves" movie, have gained popularity among all the guests.

Girls' Generation (Yuri,Tiffany &Sunny) have to move closer to the young Kang DongWon, observing her shyly and continued: " we really thought it was Kang DongWon ".
Yuri added: " it is difficult to differentiate whether it is a boy or girl regardless of how  to look at", " but i really hoped it is a boy" , the confession had led to laughter among the guests immediately.

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