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Daily NEWS [12.03.09] Girls' Generation became 'CF Queen' out of the idol girls' group.

Thursday, December 03, 2009Nicholas

Girls' Generation has signed 14 different CF products ("LG chocalate Phone", "SPAO",etc)  within this year including the most recent CF ' Samyang Ramyun'.
It can be observed that from number of commercial appearances, Girls' Generation is the top within idol girls group, while also ranked within Top 3 in all female celebrities category.
In Korea the female celebrity has the most endorsed CF was the Ice-Skater Queen "Kim Yuna", and Lee Hyori is the top CF star out of all female solo singers. Han Yeseul is the top CF star in female actress category.
Girls' Generation has gained huge popularity with their "Gee" & "Tell me your wish" mini album in this year, this had made them become Top CF star and same rank with 'Kim Yuna' & 'Lee Hyori' by earning 1billion won per year with their CF.
The reason behind of the success of Girls' Generation in CF industry was they've many fans  with wide range of different age from young to senior/old fan.

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