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Daily Interest [12.20.09] Which Celebrity went to SNSD concert(?)

Sunday, December 20, 2009Nicholas

Today SNSD's 1st Asia tour concert in Seoul has finally come to an end .
Sunny did her back flip and she fell on her butt... she didn't get hurt but just continued to sit on her butt there shyly smiling like nothing happened and sang haha.

With a day of experience the performances seemed better today and also even greater crowd cheers today and audience included all types of people, fanboys, fangirls, unnies, samchons and families. There were many foreigners, including from Japan and groups of Chinese S♡NE (from snsdchina?)

Korean S♡NE are just overwhelmed by this concert experience, they are almost traumatized. 2009 has been the girls' year and it is ending with a bang!

Now the interesting question is which celebrities went to the girls concert, as we know the girls have been so popular among celebrity. Everyone must be wondering who have been invited by SNSD or attended SNSD 1st live concert (?)

Celebrities  spotted include DBSK(Yunho,Changmin), Suju, GOD(Kim TaeWoo), SS501(Kim Hyunjoong, Heo Young Saeng),SHINee  members as noted before, others witnessed include H Yujin, Hong Kyung Min, Cha Yeryun, Kim Soohyun, Son Changmin, Oh Yeonsoo, Sean. Taeyeon's whole family with Jiwoong and Hayeon and whole Sooyoung's family, Stella and other SM trainees(some say the new boyband), Lee Sooman(SNSD's boss). It was funny Lee Sooman was waving his light-stick the whole time.

info credit to silis7noys
edited by nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation

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