Daily FUN [12.13.09 ] BOYS' GENERATION Project #4 and #5 release

Sunday, December 13, 2009Nicholas

Hi S♡NE, here come Boys' Generation  #4 & #5 release - Into the New World & Tinkerbell. 

Besides, it is also my first time to subbed video, then only realized that subbing a video really need a lot of  hard work and concentration in order to complete the job. Nevertheless, it is a worthwhile experience for me.

Recently, I've become more busy than ever due to my job, it was even harder to spare some times to update Girls' Generation news at here unless on weekend like today . However, i still don't want to give up the things i liked and continue to support the girls and also thanks to all readers here for the encouragements and support.

 OK! Let go soshi!!!

Into the new world by Boys' Generation
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Tinkerbell (boys' version) 
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nicholas@NOw it's Girls' Generation

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