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Daily [12.14.09] Girls Generation members auction their personal items for charity

Monday, December 14, 2009Nicholas

From the 7th until the 11th of December, the auctions for star items took place. Many stars had participated their item into the auctions, including members of Girls’ Generation.
Guess which star had the highest price called on their item!

Girls Generation member Yoona is the winning contestant with 2,010 dollars offered on her mini skirt. With that, Yoona’s skirt placed first in the ranking of the highest prices. The skirt that Yoona signed was the same skirt that she wore for the later hit of 2009, ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’. It was the shirt that she wore during the music video filming.

Other than that, Tiffany’s shirt was sold for 1,010 dollars, SeoHyun’s shorts for 945.00 dollars, SooYoung’s belt for 456.00 dollars coming in 2, 3, 4 places. Also starting from the 14th until the 18th, Jessica’s t-shirt, TaeYeon’s scarf, Yuri and Sunny’s thermal socks, and HyoYeon’s belt will be some of the items that will be auctioned during the second part.

These auctions will be hold in the Korean auction sites like GMarket, GyeongKi net, and GyeongKiDo’s representing site. The person in charge of the process stated, “Many of the citizens are looking forward to this event because you get to help out the poor and win items from your favorite star. We are anticipating to see much success as we did with the first round of the auctions.
 Ji Youn: Which star would place first in the second round?

credit to nulsaranghae @Kbites


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