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Taeyeon ChinChin Weekly Report (3rd week of November)

Friday, November 20, 2009Nicholas

                        C h i n C h i n [ 1 1. 1 8.09 ]

Taeyeon looks a bit tired, her eyes bags getting darker. Hope she can get more rests especially in cold weather now.

            "Kyungsan' Taeng" : mmmmmm......What i want to eat today^??^

 hmmm...Give me food now.. i'm hungryyyy   

                                    ^___^ taeng definitely

                                  Hmmmpp...   ***Full Satisfaction with the foods****

  hhhhheee..i'm good now..hehehe. you gonna let me eat next time you know!!!

                                       hehehe..Now is Taeyeon Shi Dae........ Yummy....
091118 Chin Chin - SNSD's "Baby Baby" (w/ Tae Yeon)

091118 Chin Chin - U-Kiss's "Man Man Ha Ni" (w/ Tae Yeon)

091118 Chin Chin - See Ya's "His Voice" (w/ Tae Yeon)

[Random Cuts] Tae Yeon: "Mmmh" (091118 Chin Chin)

Video credit to LilAznPrideLadee
Nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation

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