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Daily NEWS [11.16.09] SNSD were upset of separation with Kyungsan on Final esp"Hello Baby"

Monday, November 16, 2009Nicholas

On this coming 17th Nov the  KBS JOY "Hello Baby" which finally come to an end after airing for six months.
Girls' Generation have become much sincere and cuter "Soshi mom", which became netizens' hot topic.
All members of Girls' Generation had gathered to shoot for the final episode of "Hello baby". They were upsetting for the separation with cutie Kyungsan, and at final moment they has conveyed their "true inner feeling"
toward Kyungsan with teary face.
Girls' Generation had said: while Kyungsan grew up we also have become more mature and considerate, and they also wish to express gratitude to their parents.
One more thing to highlight is Tiffany who has the phobia of taking care children said: "through this show, my phobia towards children has gradually disappear, now I've learned how to love children truly".
Tiffany is the one who missed Kyungsan the most and depressed with the soon departed Kyungsan, the crew members were felt depressed also with above scene.

Nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation

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