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Daily NEWS [ 11.09.09] Yuri (VS) Sunny girls' secret reveal match

Monday, November 09, 2009Nicholas

Recently on "strong heart" recording show, Yuri and Sunny were revealing each others' secrets, garnering much attention from every appearance guest.
Firstly Yuri said: "among Girls' Generation member the person who had made most mistakes on stage was Sunny" . Then Yuri proceed to imitating the mistakes of Sunny made on stage, everyone on studio were burst into laughter immediately and Sunny just speechless with Yuri's imitation skill.

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 After that Sunny also managed to fight back by revealing Yuri's secret and said: "everyone who said Black Pearl Yuri is a innocent girl perhaps need to look at the real Yuri. Later Sunny also imitating Yuri's embarrassing moment  had got everyone burst into laughter again .

Translated by Nicholas@Now Is Girls' Generation

Note: Can't wait to watch this episode and see how Yuri and sunny re-enact each other embarassing moment..hahaha

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