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Daily NEWS [11.05.09] Seohyun & Yuri both had passed the admittance exam of Dongguk uni.

Friday, November 06, 2009Nicholas

Still remember last week the news about Yuri has been accepted and passed the exam of Chung-Ah University, here is the link to refresh you.

Just a week later, Dongguk University also had announced: maknae 'Seohyun', Yuri and Big Bang's Seung Ri had passed Year 2010 admittance exam of Dongguk University.
 They've manage to passed the exam and secured a place by 10.67:1 ratio among other talented candidate.
Especially Yuri and Seung Ri who has already passed the exam of Chung Ah University. While Seohyun expected to  to graduate from JeonJu Art school at next year February.

Note: Yuri and Seung Ri had passed and accepted by both Chung Ah University and Dongguk University at the same time, it was still uncertain which school Yuri were going to choose to attend.

Translated by Nicholas@Now Is Girls' Generation

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