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Daily NEWS [11.01.09] an assistant staff member of SamYang Ramyun CF note

Sunday, November 01, 2009Nicholas

It's been a while, but I had the opportunity some time ago to work as an assistant staff for the Samyang Ramyun CF shoot with SNSD.

I've seen so many other celebrities that are very full of themselves while working with other teams, but this time around, I was very expectant on working with SNSD, who is the hottest issue right now with boys everywhere this year.

They were way~ more professional than I thought (I was critical of them, but fans, please don't get mad at me haha) and during the breaks, these girls were so loud and noisy that my ears were ringing. Hahaha

I am leaving these words here because I hope that any misunderstandings about this popular girl group will be cleared up.

First, SNSD's staff members came in and explained to us that the girls' conditions were not the best because they had such a packed schedule. Even before SNSD arrived, the staff, like me, were joking amongst each other that this shoot would be difficult since they are the most popular idol stars. At the same time, people were nervous haha.
Well of course, the fact that I was going to see SNSD in real life made me expectant of them. However, I was expecting this shoot to be no different than any other in the way that the celebrities or their staff members would cause a riot and say rude things if the filming went into overtime and tensions started to arise among each other.

The girls broke my negative expectations when they first came on time, even though we were notified they might be late. The first impression that I remember having of them was that the way they greeted people was outstanding... they greeted everyone, including the director, cameraman, and even the assistant staff members who were organizing the props, by saying "Hello, we're SNSD!" and their greeting to everyone changed the atmosphere of the set right from the beginning.

As everyone might have noticed, the dance and song were supposed to be something people can enjoy. So When they first arrived, I guess some members didn't fully memorize the dance yet so a couple of them were practicing hard, and when it wasn't going well, they got frustrated at themselves and dragged another member who knew the dance to receive personal lessons.
And as I was cleaning up one of the props I passed by Tiffany and Yuri, and when I heard them crying(complaining) that they couldn't memorize it well... ah... hehehe

What I remember most is that before the actual filming began, Jessica plopped herself on a sofa on the set as the other members each took turns coming to nap with her. Jessica was already being caught on camera and she was asleep and so defenseless so other members were at first watching and laughing at her. But because it was still awkward with the staff, a few of them sat cross legged around her to hide her face. When I saw that, a father-like smile was plastered on my face, hahaha.
That's when I realized that these ladies were cuter than I thought...

They seemed to be very awkward when they first stood in front of the camera... the director explained to them about the continuity of the shoot and when he really emphasized that their expressions should be cute, I heard mumbling and grumbling here and there because it was so hard and awkward. Hahaha.
Sunny kept saying, "We're still Girls' Generation, were cute! We can do this!" and other things and the other members caught on and repeated Sunny's words. They put their hands together and said "Fighting!" and they stood in front of the camera again...
Even though nobody asked, they so nicely explained that that's what they shout before every performance...

The girls were so distracted and scatterbrained before the shoot, but I began to understand as we continued to film, that that was how they kept by their "fighting". hehe

The shooting went through midnight and early morning and the staff and SNSD were all getting tired, but every time they took break they massaged each others' shoulders and when filming resumed, they yelled "We'll work hard, fighting!" so we, the staff, continued working without complaints. When filming had to stop because one of them made a mistake in the dance, everybody would just laugh it off and continue because the mistaken member would blame themselves so harshly before anybody even said anything. hahaha

And this was very surprising: they were a girlgroup, but they put each other in a headlock when they play! hahaha The director, who was watching the screen so seriously, burst out in sudden laughter when they did that...
Because of that, their hair became messy so the codi [codi = coordinator = stylist] had to come running in, too...

During the photo shoot, what I personally remember most is... a close friend of an advertiser [for Samyang] bluntly took a picture with SNSD. Nobody can really refuse when they ask, but soon all the lighting crew and a hyung I was working with went to go ask if they could take a picture with Yoona, Sunny, and Seohyun, who were resting and sitting on top of each other on one side of the set. Even if they got rejected, they thought it wouldn't hurt to ask, but the girls so gladly took some pictures with them, so they were so surprised...

Unfortunately, their manager came over from afar and gave a warning look. I noticed that the manager's look showed it would be difficult to take a picture, so I said it I was fine and didn't a picture, but now I regret not having a picture to look back at hahaha Maybe because they're idols, but they especially seemed to pay attention to their manager's looks more than other celebrities. Thanks to those who took the pictures with the girls, we were constantly being watched by that manager... Even though I'm not a stalker, nor was I ever really a SNSD fan, I felt sad because of his over-protectiveness, but oh well...

Anyway, after that, I've worked on many different things including other commercial shoots, but that hyung and I both keep thinking back on SNSD. There were many problems here and there with lighting or a prop, and the shoot was delayed so they missed some of their schedules...
Apart from just being pretty (actually, anybody could see they looked really tired), they were so professional when they went to their signing without frowning once. Even how they took care of many staff members and encouraged them while they were resting is still deeply in my thoughts.

For the all the SNSD fans, I think you can be rest assured that these people are worth cheering for in the future. As for myself, I plan to continue supporting them as a fan when watching a music program in the future, or as a staff member if I am lucky enough to meet them again.

I posted this on a private community, but I came onto bestiz today so I decided to post it here. If you dislike anything I said, please tell me.

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