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Daily Interest [11.13.09] My first remix

Friday, November 13, 2009Nicholas

Hi S♡NE, recently I'm learning to make video and audio remixing stuff about SNSD's various song. 
One of my favorite of SNSD' song was 'Himnae'which also is the DBSK&SNSD CF' Haptic' remake song. Whenever I'm in depressed mood or serious problem, this song always able to cheer me up and telling me never give up and keep strong. I'm really thankful to this song which makes me much stronger and positive person now. Hence, i've decided to make this song as my first remix. The remix is combination of SNSD' Himnae' & SNSD' Haptic' song with lower pitch version.  

It is my first remix, therefore still a lot of room for improvement,hope this will give strength to all S♡NE who sitting for final exam currently or any  S♡NE who need a boost from their stressing daily work. ALL S♡NE hwaiting!! Enjoy!

COMMENTS are welcome.Thanks to all S♡NE who always support me!!!
SNSD Haptic remix DL:Haptic_remix

Nicholas@NOW Is Girls' Generation

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