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Taeyeon Chinchin Weekly Report (2nd week of November)

Friday, November 13, 2009Nicholas

Taeyeon Chinchin Weekly report

Taeyeon seem like so excited and hyper at that day. Our cute leader just so cute!!!! ^--^
Watching her really makes me feels good and refreshing...Taengoo Jjiang..

                                          hehe..You don't know what a girl want,
                                          Taeng! What?

                                               Bababa!!!! Taeyeon

                 Hohoooooo.....sleeppyyyy.... Taeyeon must be very tired..

                                           here come Kyungsan's Taeng...

                       Taeyeon seem like request the staff to give her food..^-^

                                   I wants Foods!!!!!!!! Girls' Group Idol...Taeyeon

                                    So cute.....Taengoooo!

                 hahahahah.... Taengooo's  never ending cuteness especially girls at her age... Love it!!!

 4 minutes ' What a Girl Wants'

111109 chinchin 'Himnae' with Taeyeon

                            111109 Taeyeon sings like a Queen again

                               SS501 'Love like this' (with taeyeon)

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