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Daily Video [10.28.09] the person who propose to YoonA is?????

Wednesday, October 28, 2009Nicholas

On 27 OCT SBS "Strong Heart" , the person who proposed to YoonA has been revealed... quite unexpected.
I always thought her favorite member of SNSD were maknae Seohyun because he had revealed his favorite to Seohyun a few time during radio show. So can you guess who is it? S♡NE (hint: Leader of a famous boy band..SNSD's intimate oppa)

Our YoonA's charm is just irrsistable, now more&more people joining the love rivalry with Lee Seung Gi oppa.
Leeteuk also very cute when he confessed his love to YoonA and the most hilarious part was when he covered YoonA ear in order to prevent another love confession from Brian.
Now the battle is heating up and YoonA suddenly become many superstar Ideal girl.

Nicholas@Now Is Girls' Generation

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