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Daily Picture [10.30.09] YoonA with Family vacation at Saipan

Friday, October 30, 2009Nicholas

 SNSD's YoonA had revealed her vacation at Saipan (Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands)

Recently, YoonA had posted some photos of her vacation with family at Saipan in fans webpages.
With the crystal clear like sea as background, she showed a different image from her daily SNSD's stage performaces.
One of her no make-up look picture was clearly shown YoonA's innocence and cuteness as a girl.
Besides, a photo of YoonA's older sister was revealed, and many people showed high interest to her older sister.

A lot of fans who had saw the photos were giving variuos responses like" it's like a photoshoot than vacation's picture", " she shines even with no make-up", and "celebrities are different".
SNSD currently are still active with their digital single "Chocolate Love".
SNSD's version were cute and retro-pop which being loved by many people.

Source: Paran Media
Nicholas@Now Is Girls' Generation

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  1. YOONA IS SO BEAUTIFUL! :).....SWEET PRINCESS YOONA!...we love Yoona!.


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