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Daily Picture [10.30.09] Taeyeon brought rice cake from Japan for chin chin staff

Friday, October 30, 2009Nicholas

Recently, the rumor about the Girls' went to Japan for their Japanese album photoshoot and also intended to prepared for Japanese promotional goods seem like is real. Someone had spotted the Girls in Tokyo's Shibuya street(one of my favorite place last time in Japan). Today, Taeyeon had brought some japanese rice cake for chin chin's staff.

Chin Chin staff wrote 'Not long ago,  DJ Taeng went to Japan.
Luckily, she do not forget to brought me delicious snack!
Ole ~ ~ ~ ~!!!
DJ Taeng has bought snack
~ ~ So ~ delicious~ ~ ~ But it tastes more delicious because of DJ Taeng's warm heart'.

                Seem like Taengoo likes the rice-cake from Japan so much, and it makes me reminisce my days during in Japan.. i miss those sweet snack and ramen in Japan... Ahhhh!!

Nicholas@Now Is Girls' Generation

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