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Daily Picture [10.26.09] Taeyeon and K-will 'HUG', netizens are envy

Tuesday, October 27, 2009Nicholas

Our dorky leader 'Taeyeon' and korea famous ballad singer 'K-Will' "HUG" picture has been revealed, the picture made the netizens so envy.
Recently, K-Will appear as a guest of the radio show host by Taeyeon's Chin Chin . That day the theme was "the unforgettable moment of loneliness".
After the "HUG" pictures of Taeyeon and K-Will were posted "CHIN CHIN" bulletin board, immediately attract many messages from netizens. All the messages are something similiar ' Please also hug me, Taeyeon' , this kind of envy expression messages.
Besides, K-Will also revealed  that he had recovered from Flu-illness and he will back to the stage soon.  

   Ahhh. the thing on Taeyeon's hair are so cute...Taengoo always so cute

Nicholas@Now Is Girls' Generation

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